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Create timely and relevant connections to real world economic developments happening today with these hands-on, evidence-based activities for students.

Supply and Demand: What Happens
When Things Change Rapidly?

Help students connect economics concepts to current events with a timely activity examining real-world applications of extreme changes in supply or demand. Students will explore how changes in supply and demand curves impact prices, while an Extension Activity looks at the ways businesses react to and mitigate the risks of such price fluctuations.

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Supply Chain Disruptions:
What They Are and Why They Matter

Investigate the dynamic factors that contribute to supply chain disruptions, and the very real consequences these interruptions can have on our lives. Students will learn about the importance of supply chains as they trace the journey of their favorite food items from farm to table. Explore the ways that real-world events like a global pandemic can affect the supply chain, as students learn about navigating price fluctuations.

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