Interactive Learning Modules

These three interactive learning modules present students with real-world examples of core economic principles in practice. These unique and engaging learning tools can integrate seamlessly into the classroom as an introduction to basic economic concepts or a reinforcement of lessons already presented.
Dollar bill

of Finance

Interest rates can have enormous impacts on personal finances. In this simulation, students must navigate the tricky financial decisions that arise after graduating from high school, from student loans to buying a car. Watch their fortunes grow—or shrink—based on the choices they make!

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Gas pump

the Future

The price of fuel is often a factor that must be considered when a business sets prices for products and services. But how are fuel prices set? In this simulation, students must predict future gas prices to help an imaginary business turn a profit. But first they must learn how and why gas prices fluctuate and the impact of those changing gas prices.

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The Facts
About Food

Ever wonder why your favorite sandwich costs what it does? We’ll take you on a journey from farm to wallet and investigate what causes the prices of certain foods to increase and decrease.

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