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Econ Essentials

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Help students connect economics concepts to current events with a timely activity examining real-world applications of extreme changes in supply or demand. Students will explore how changes in supply and demand curves impact prices, while an Extension Activity looks at the ways businesses react to and mitigate the risks of such price fluctuations.

Coming in January!

Economics Lessons

Open your students' minds to the fascinating world of Behavioral Economics with Digital Lesson Bundles that feature a PowerPoint Lesson, Companion Video, and Mini Challenge! Each Digital Lesson Bundle delves into the mysteries behind human behavior and teaches how behavioral economists are using human psychology to predict economic markets.

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Learning Modules

These interactive learning modules present students with real-world examples of core economic principles in practice. These unique and engaging learning tools can integrate seamlessly into the classroom as an introduction to basic economic concepts or a reinforcement of lessons already presented.

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Seeker Stories

Satisfy your students’ curiosity and further their learning with this two-part mini documentary series by Seeker. Each episode transports students across the globe and showcases stories of people and places that are shaping how economics is impacting our world today.