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Econ Essentials introduces students to the basics of economics and financial principles through timely real-world connections and hands-on learning, all brought to life by the industry-leading insights of Futures Fundamentals. A growing collection of videos, collaborative activities, self-guided learning modules and more, the site provides standards-aligned instructional materials with a wide variety of interdisciplinary curriculum connections.

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Open your students' eyes to another facet of the global economy by building their understanding of futures markets and how they impact our daily lives.

Topic: Global Economics | Grades: 9-12

This 2-lesson bundle focuses on futures contracts, risk management, price fluctuation mitigation, and how to make informed trading decisions while highlighting the pivotal roles of hedgers and speculators, how they bring balance to the marketplace, and the essential role futures play in the global economy.

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Classroom-Ready Lessons

Econ Essentials in (and out) of the Classroom

Econ Essentials offers a number of resources that complement a wide variety of educational settings and topic areas. Explore some of the many ways Econ Essentials fits into your classroom and start applying the materials today!

  • Students in business, agriculture, and family and consumer science programs can benefit from Econ Essentials resources. See how they connect to educational standards and where there are connections for student organizations, like FFA, FBLA, DECA, and FCCLA.

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  • Add depth to personal finance lessons with Econ Essentials resources. Check out the standards correlation to see which resources align with the National Standards for Personal Financial Education.

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  • Enhance your afterschool investing club lessons with Econ Essentials resources. Check out the road map for ideas.

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Futures Fundamentals

Simplifying the Complexities of the Global Marketplace

Take your understanding of core economic and financial principles to the next level with Futures Fundamentals, the program that powers Econ Essentials. Futures Fundamentals is a one-stop educational resource designed to simplify and explain complex market topics, including those explored within the materials available on Econ Essentials. Continue your learning journey today with additional resources from Futures Fundamentals and discover how futures play an essential role in the world around us.

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