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Economic Principles

Investigate Real-World Challenges

Uncover timely and relevant connections to core economic principles in students’ everyday lives with a series of immersive instructional resources. Explore the ways that economic principles can be applied to every facet of life, and kickstart student interest in entrepreneurship, career exploration, world events and personal finance.

Video Viewpoints Series

Topic: Economic Principles | Grade: 9–12

People and places that shape the way economics impacts the world.

Discover the intersection of economics and innovation with a three-part mini documentary series exploring the ways students’ lives connect to the global community. Each video will showcase stories of people and places around the globe that are shaping how economics are impacting life as we know it.

Classroom Lesson

Supply and Demand: What Happens When Things Change Rapidly?

Connect key economics concepts to current events with a timely activity in which students investigate real-world applications of extreme changes in supply or demand.

Classroom Lesson

Supply Chain Disruptions: What They Are and Why They Matter?

Investigate the dynamic factors that contribute to supply chain disruptions, and the very real consequences these interruptions can have on our lives.

Self-Paced Module

Fueling the Future

Explore the dynamic process that fuel companies use to set prices for products and services with a simulation in which students predict the future for an imaginary business.

Self-Paced Module

The Facts About Food

Ever wonder why foods cost what they do? Take students on a journey from farm to wallet to investigate what causes the prices of certain foods to increase and decrease.

Student Spotlight Series

An Economist Answers Questions from Students Just Like You!

Topic: Global Economics | Grades: 9–12

Global economics affects everything from the food we buy to the price we pay when filling up a tank of gas. Learn how economics plays a role in your daily life in this student-led Q&A.

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Student Spotlight Series

Standards-Aligned Resources

Build your lessons with handy standards guide

Econ Essentials resources are created in accordance with national education standards. Check out our standards-aligned tools to help build your lessons.

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Supporting Resources

Career & Technical Education Educator Roadmap

Econ Essentials resources can be used in a variety of subject areas—everything from economics and social studies to personal finance and business to career and technical education (CTE) and family and consumer sciences (FCS).

Econ Essentials and Other Resources for Student Investment Clubs

Explore core economics concepts outside the classroom with Econ Essentials resources that are designed to work in afterschool clubs.

“The real-life examples within these programs help our students to really get that context to be successful outside the classroom.”

Jacqueline Collins
Business Teacher, Mansfield High School
Mansfield, Massachusetts