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Financial Markets

Building a Foundation of Finance

Empower students to navigate their world and get prepared for success by understanding the core economic principle of finance through the lens of financial markets. Explore a series of interactive evidence-based resources that examine personal finance connections within the larger context of the global financial market.

Self-Paced Module

Foundations of Finance

Topic: Finance | Grade: 9–12

How much can interest rates impact personal finances?

Watch how students’ fortunes grow—or shrink—based on the choices they make in this hands-on simulation! Students must navigate the tricky financial decisions that arise after graduating from high school, from student loans to buying a car.

Educator Guide

The Futures Marketplace: An Introduction for Educators

Topic: Finance | Grade: 9–12

Understanding the futures market allows teachers to provide students with insight into complex economic systems, fostering critical thinking and real-world financial awareness.

Learn more about futures contracts and the crucial role that the derivatives marketplace plays in the global economy. Discover the origins of futures contracts in the world of agriculture and beyond, and find out how businesses and individuals can manage financial risk through the futures marketplace.

Mini Digital Lesson Bundle

Futures Markets and Managing Risk

Topic: Finance | Grade: 9-12

How do financial risks and futures contracts affect students' everyday lives?

Find out how much preference influences people’s final decisions with a hands-on lesson exploring the way financial losses and gains impact human behavior.

Mini Digital Lesson Bundle

Futures Trading

Topic: Finance | Grade: 9-12

Navigating Futures Markets Through Snapshots and Analysis

Immerse students in the world of futures markets and learn how traders make informed decisions by analyzing data, market trends, and current events. Kickstart the lesson with a simple game as students discover the ways that hedgers and speculators help bring balance to the futures marketplace using fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

NEW Classroom-Ready Lessons

Open your students' eyes to another facet of the global economy by building their understanding of futures markets and how they impact our daily lives.

Topic: Futures Markets | Grades: 9-12

This 2-lesson bundle focuses on futures contracts, risk management, price fluctuation mitigation, and how to make informed trading decisions while highlighting the pivotal roles of hedgers and speculators, how they bring balance to the marketplace, and the essential role futures play in the global economy.

Classroom-Ready Lessons

Standards-Aligned Resources

Build your lessons with handy standards guide

Econ Essentials resources are created in accordance with national education standards. Check out our standards-aligned tools to help build your lessons.

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Supporting Resources

Career & Technical Education Educator Roadmap

Econ Essentials resources can be used in a variety of subject areas—everything from economics and social studies to personal finance and business to career and technical education (CTE) and family and consumer sciences (FCS).

Econ Essentials and Other Resources for Student Investment Clubs

Explore core economics concepts outside the classroom with Econ Essentials resources that are designed to work in afterschool clubs.

“It has helped me understand the difference between different kinds of loans, and I may be needing them depending on what college I decide to attend.”

Elena Sanchez
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Chicago, Illinois