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Behavioral Economics

Examine the Impact of Our Everyday Decisions

Discover the ways that students’ lives are influenced by the economics of the world around them, including their everyday decision-making. Dive deeper into the human side of economics and let students reimagine their relationship with behavioral economic theory.

Behavioral Economics Videos

Topic: Behavioral Economics | Grade: 9–12

Do humans defy logic and reason when they make financial decisions?

Explore the ways psychology informs economic decision-making with this four-part Behavioral Economics Digital Lesson Series. Reframe core economics concepts in exciting new ways with a series of turnkey lesson resources including video, student activity, educator guide and more.

Classroom Lesson

Introduction to Behavioral Economics

Dive deeper into students’ everyday thought processes and analyze how rational their decision-making is with a series of interactive scenarios.

Classroom Lesson

How We Are Affected by Preference

Find out how much preference influences people’s final decisions with a hands-on lesson exploring the way financial losses and gains impact human behavior.

Classroom Lesson

How We Are Affected by Others

Discover the ways that outside influences can “nudge” our decision-making without our even realizing it with a series of student activities.

Classroom Lesson

How We Are Affected by Price

Take a closer look at everyday buying habits as students learn how to navigate price “anchoring” and understand the influence of price on economics.

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Explore core economics concepts outside the classroom with Econ Essentials resources that are designed to work in afterschool clubs.

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